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PSC Result 2015

 PSC Result 2015 is also known as Prathomik Somaponi Result 2015. Primary School Certificate (PSC) Exam Result 2015 Bangladesh will be published on DPE PSC Exam Result website http://dperesult.teletalk.com.bd. PSC

PEC and JSC Result 2015

Primary School Certificate Result Publish 31 December, 2015. Primary School Certificate Examination Result 2015 will be published in grading system. That is, result will be based on Grande Point Average

Jasper Report Descriptive

1. What is a Report? A report is a nicely formatted way of presenting the data that you have entered. Reports are all about querying a database and displaying the

Data Access in Spring with JPA2

Data Access in Spring with JPA2 The Factory Pattern defines a class whose responsibility is to provide application components with implementations of other application components 1. EntityManager is A class

Using Hibernate in Spring MCQ

Using Hibernate in Spring How do you access Hibernate using Spring? There are two ways to Spring’s Hibernate integration: a.) By Inversion of Control with a Hibernate Template and Callback

Spring JDBC Support MCQ-4

Spring JDBC Support MCQ-4 The Spring JDBC Template has more advantages compared with standard JDBC. The Spring JDBC template allows to clean-up the resources automatically, e.g. release the database connections.

Spring JDBC Support MCQ-3

Spring JDBC Support MCQ-3 The JdbcTemplate class is the main class of the JDBC Core package. The JdbcTemplate (The class internally use JDBC API) helps to eliminate lot of code

Spring JDBC Support MCQ-2

Spring JDBC support MCQ-2.Hello dear student how are you hope that all of you are fine. Here we discuses the topic Spring Descriptive Questions. In this section we know what

Spring JDBC support MCQ-1

Spring JDBC support MCQ-1 1. Which is generally more widely used database for web application development, especially on the Linux platform? A. PL/pgSQL B. MySQL C. PostgreSQL D. JDBC 2.

advanced Spring Descriptive Questions

1. What do mean by Spring MVC ?  Ans: In the spring framework, the Spring MVC module provides comprehensive support for the MVC pattern, with support for other feature(for example